Growing the Best Tomatoes

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They are like the best summer tomatoes that you wait all year for in your garden.

  - Larry  from Hampton, NH

Not only do your tomatoes look incredible, but they explode with flavor!

  - Marry  from Rochester, NY

The Best Tomatoes i have ever eaten. I am dumbfounded that they actually come from a greenhouse.

  - Jack  from Rockford, IL

Grown in USA

365 days a year

Proximity to Market

Maximum Freshness

Dedicated Trucking

Exceptional Service

Technology Innovation

Environmental Stewardship

Who is Intergrow Greenhouses?

Just south of Lake Ontario in the lush farmlands of Upstate New York, you can find a greenhouse where nature meets know-how in perfect balance. At Intergrow Greenhouses, we take a different approach to how we grow our Cherry Tomatoes, Tomatoes On the Vine and Beefsteak tomatoes. Back when we started in 1998, we brought authentic growing methods and combined them with exacting, state-of-the-art technologies to grow premium quality tomatoes. Our perfectly controlled, closed environment allows us to pick at the peak of ripeness and deliver to our customers within 24 hours.

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