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Intergrow Greenhouses, Inc

Just south of Lake Ontario in the lush farmlands of Upstate New York, you can find a greenhouse where nature meets know-how in perfect balance. At Intergrow Greenhouses, we take a different approach to how we grow our Cherry Tomatoes, Tomatoes On the Vine and Beefsteak tomatoes. Back when we started in 1998, we brought authentic growing methods and combined them with exacting, state-of-the-art technologies to grow premium quality tomatoes. Our perfectly controlled, closed environment allows us to pick at the peak of ripeness and deliver to our customers within 24 hours.

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At Intergrow, we take pride in being New York state grown and providing our customers with year round, local tomatoes through the use of growing lights in our greenhouses. Utilizing artificial light in the winter, we can create optimal growing conditions to produce delicious tasting tomatoes even during the cold winter months.

While we focus on producing the highest quality product throughout the year, we also realize that growing a premium tomato should not come at the expense of nature’s limited resources. Every step in our process is taken with an eye towards sustaining those natural riches that nourish an Intergrow tomato. Utilizing external resources, ranging from the energy produced by our CHP program that reduces energy consumption to harvesting the rain water off our roofs that is later in greenhouse production, Intergrow Greenhouses is working to make a positive impact on the environment while providing the best tasting tomatoes to our customers.

24 Hour Freshness

Our location in Albion, NY allows convenient shipping to markets in the Eastern and Midwestern United States within twenty-four hours, assuring unmatched freshness and quality. By harvesting at the peak of ripeness and available to our customers within twenty-four hours, our tomatoes are truly vine ripened and bursting with the highest level of flavor.

Our Greenhouse Lights

 To grow tomatoes in the cold winter months of Western New York, Intergrow uses grow lights in the greenhouse to help supplement lighting conditions. The addition of artificial lights, along with the natural light that sneaks through the upstate snow, allows us to have perfect growing conditions year-round.

To help supply electricity to more than eight thousand artificial light fixtures inside the greenhouse, Intergrow uses a co-generation generator (CHP) producing power to service the greenhouse. The CHP generator also allows Intergrow to provide excess electricity back to the grid when needed.


The principals of conservation and preservation have been built into our growing process since 1998. From the initial flower stage through shipping tomatoes to our customers, we are continually working on maintaining our impact on the environment. We implement environmentally conscious efforts throughout our production facility; from creating our packaging out of recycled materials to minimizing our carbon footprint by maintaining our food miles, our team is continually working to make strides towards sustainability a part of our daily routine. We like to think of ourselves as sustainable by design, making our product both delicious and beneficial for the planet.

Here’s how we are working to keep our greenhouses green:
  • Eco friendly predator insects are used to control harmful pests in place of pesticides.
  • Rain water captured on our roof is stored in our ponds for use in the greenhouse.
  • Excess water is filtered and recycled for plant irrigation.
  • Emission free electric carts collect and transport harvested tomatoes throughout the greenhouse.
  • Biomass boilers burning waste wood heat the greenhouses instead of fossil fuels.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions are recycled and the CO2 is used to increase photosynthesis and plant production.
  • CHP Program – Own generator used for heat and electricity reducing outside sourcing and environmental impact.
  • Diffused glass is used on greenhouse rooftops for increased quality and production without increase in energy.

Food Safety

Growing our tomatoes in a pristine greenhouse environment ensures a product free of disease and contamination. Rather than dealing with tainted water runoff, animal bacteria, and other unsavory outdoor factors, we pride ourselves on growing in a computer controlled environment that turns out the highest quality product. In addition to our quality facility, we also adhere to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) which creates strict sanitary guidelines that our employees live by from the moment they step into the greenhouse. All Intergrow greenhouses are third party certified by PrimusLabs and exceed all current global food safety standards.

We understand our consumers desire to know where their food is coming from which is why we proudly endorse and are a part of the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) plan. This effort focuses on an industry wide traceability effort through GS-1 DataBar stickers which are placed on all case labels and tomatoes, which can be seen on all Intergrow Greenhouses’ products.

Intergrow Greenhouses also practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM), where we introduce predator bugs to control any pests that can harm the tomato plants. This practice reduces pesticide usage to a minimum. In addition, we also bring in bumble bees for natural pollination in the greenhouse.

At the end of the growing crop all plants are removed and the greenhouse is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to create a safe and sterile environment for the next growing crop.


Our dedication to delivering the best possible product to our buyers doesn’t stop at the greenhouse. In a way, it’s only the beginning. To insure that our tomatoes arrive at their destination on time and in the same condition as they leave the greenhouse, we have our own fleet of 53ft. climate controlled reefer trailers. All of our trucks are piloted by our own drivers, so our customers have face to face access to an Intergrow staff member.

It’s one of the extra measures we take to assure we deliver the best quality and service to our customers.

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