Our Farm

Vine to Store in 24 Hours

Our state of the art facilities enable us to grow closer to consumers all year. This means the freshest possible produce year long.

What is Hydroponics?

All of our plants are grown in Rockwool media and receive 100% of their nutritional needs from the water. This makes the nutrients immediately available to the plants, enabling us to precisely manage the crop.

Our Greenhouse Lights

By emitting certain wavelengths of light with specialized Hight Pressure Sodium light fixtures, we can tell the plant to keep producing during the darkest times of year.

Achieving more with less

Up to 30x more yield

With the ability to closely monitor and control more aspects of the growing process, less risk to the wrath of mother nature and longer production period we can produce more food with less resources, year round.

Minimizing Our Footprint

Keeping Our Greenhouses Green

How we grow our tomatoes

Facilitates better light distribution.

Supplement solar energy needs.

Direct nutrient delivery to plant roots.

Inert material for plant growth.

Improves labor efficiency and allows for nutrient recycling .

Used for transport and heating.

Our Products

Each variety poses its’ own unique demands in the greenhouse, so it only makes sense to treat each item unquietly when it comes to packaging as well!