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NY-USA Intergrow Greenhouses leverages their own trucking fleet during high freight market

“Rates keep going higher and higher, adding difficulty to the already complex produce industry.”

Intergrow Greenhouses, a farming company located in Upstate NY, focusing on the production and sale of greenhouse grown tomatoes, is thankful to have their own private trucking fleet to help service their customers. Stating the primary goal of their own fleet is to give the best possible service to top tier retail customers. Understanding the importance of “On-time, In-Full” is fresh, perishable produce they have taken transportation into their own hands!

“When you contract a load through an outside broker or carrier you lose some of the visibility and control required to really deliver the best service possible. That’s why we’ve invested in our own fleet and in a freight market like this it has really paid off having the ability to run our own loads.” Explains Dirk Biemans, President of Intergrow Greenhouses.

“Although we are close to major markets, there is a lot of freight needing to be moved in this area of the US and there is, and has been more demand than supply in the market. That’s why we are so grateful to be running some of our own trucks.” Says Bill Cook, a 30yr transportation veteran and current Logistics Manger at Intergrow Greenhouses. “During the peak season we have as many as 50+ loads a week shipping out of our facilities, of course our own band of guys can’t handle of that high volume, so they remain on our retail accounts, providing consist and reliable transportation for the business. “

Currently expanding their business with another 10acre greenhouse, Intergrow says they are first and foremost a grower and farmer but saw the need to deliver consistent quality service to their customers in order to grow their business. “Here at Intergrow we’re not only striving for the highest quality product but also reliability. Our customers need to have confidence we can deliver of premium product, reliably and consistently throughout the year.” says Kris Gibson, VP of Sales and Marketing “This last part of the puzzle, transportation, has really helped us grow these past years.”


As rates increase Intergrow has also seen their own fleet benefiting them in other ways… cost control. “Our own transportation costs have increased as well, but in a controlled in regimented manor.” Says Biemans. “We are not at the mercy of the market for some of our most important loads. “Rates keep going higher and higher making it adding difficulty to the already complex produce industry. No matter the freight market you are expected to deliver product under your contracted price.”

Intergrow is currently looking to hire additional drivers to their fleet and asks anyone interested to email Bill Cook at

For more information about Intergrow Greenhouses contact JamesWilliams at or visit their website at:


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