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Tomatoes keep best on your counter out of the sun. Some people refrigerate their tomatoes, we don’t recommend this as they can exhibit chill damage and become mealy.

Although we use many organic practices, we are not certified organic, largely due to our use of granulated fertilizers to feed the crop.

Everything we grow has been traditionally breed to get that sweet, juicy flavor and beautiful aesthetic. We’re 100% NON-GMO here!

Most greenhouse grown tomatoes are either coming from Canada or Mexico. Make sure you check the product label for the “Product of New York” distinction!

To keep our plants safe, we do not offer public tours of our facilities. We’ve invested a lot into our crops and they’re our livelihood. We can’t risk outsiders potentially introducing pests and diseases that could plague our farms. However, we are open to educational and business-related visits if certain precautions are followed.

If we’re not at your favorite grocer, ask them why! Your request for our product as a customer can really help us grow!