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NY Grown

What this means for you:

New York State offers the ideal climate for greenhouse growing. Moderate temperatures and long sunny days throughout the summer time and relatively mild winters allow us to produce consistent, high quality produce throughout the year.

Conveniently located within 24 hours of 60% of the US population, our product can be vine ripened allowing us to offer our customers the freshest most flavorful produce possible!

Shipped within 24 Hours

Picked at the
peak of flavor.

Freshest produce possible.

Our greenhouses allow us to grow produce closer to our consumers, 365 days a year. This enables us to vine ripen all of our tomatoes, resulting in the absolute best flavor imaginable!

US Product Year Round

Growing closer to customers.

Supporting our local economies

We’re proud to be a local employer of over 300 New Yorkers. Not only is our product the freshest it can possibly be, but it’s also directly contributing to your neighboring communities.

Greenhouse Specialists since 1998

Unique varieties hand selected for flavor

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